Eating Seasonal Produce

Avoid vegetable burnout

Do you like many veggies? I feel like we all have our go-to staples like potatoes, carrots, broccoli, etc. because that’s what we grew up with and that’s what we know. There’s nothing wrong with go-to veggies (for me, it’s frozen green beans), but repetitive foods can get boring fast.

The solution here is to eat seasonally! Rotating your vegetables based on their growing season will not only keep you interested in vegetables, but it is more affordable (in season veggies are cheaper because they’re more abundant and easier to get) and ensures you’re getting a variety of nutrients since different veggies have different vitamins and minerals.

Why should we eat seasonally?

This concept may even been instinctive for you already – do you crave apples when the leaves start turning or eat more green salads in the summer? Our ancestors ate seasonally because they had no choice – Amazon was not delivering imported groceries to them back in the day! Our bodies intuitively crave seasonal produce because it’s the most efficient way for us to thrive and make the most of our environments.

There’s also a certain logic to the nutrients we need in different seasons, and the produce that happens to be available at that time of year. Winter is cold and flu season, and it just so happens that the produce that is abundant that time of year (citrus fruits and greens!) happens to contain nutrients that help support our immune system.

Of course, the next question is: how do I cook these new-to-me vegetables??? That, my friend, is why I love the internet. It’s so easy to do a quick search for recipes that will teach you how to make the most out of seasonal produce with cooking techniques and spices. I search for “paleo recipes” related to the ingredient I want to use, because it’s the dietary preference that most closely matches my eating habits.

I can’t wait to hear what new types of produce you try out! I highly recommend Brussel sprouts – they’ve been unfairly villified thanks to decades of moms who boiled them to death. Always. Roast. Your. Sprouts. Especially with bacon. (recipe coming soon!)