Week 1 update: is life without sugar still sweet?

Here I am, one week under my belt. I’m feeling pretty good right now and my foot/ankle is already significantly less puffy (yay!), but there were definitely some tough nights. The first few days I felt totally normal. Actually, better than normal because I felt completely at peace and in control of my body, mind, and food. And then Thursday came around, and I was tired and stressed and just. broke. down.

I was absolutely miserable the entire night. I realized probably halfway through the evening that I was overreacting, but I either couldn’t or didn’t want to snap myself out of it. I felt empty and drained and sad, and I didn’t know how to fill myself up again so I sat in those feelings. I wasn’t a nice person. Friday was better, but still not great. I felt a lot of the same feelings, but I was able to move out of it a little bit to a more neutral state of mind.

Saturday I was totally normal. Looking back, I can see how my mood did not match the situation, and it was obviously a result of my brain missing sugar (aka my main coping mechanism). Fortunately, that phase of my detox is (hopefully) over, because I’ve been feeling really good since then.

So far, the easiest part of this past week as been saying “no” to foods that have sugar. Just yesterday my coworker offered me the most amazing looking cookies, and I didn’t give them a second thought. It was easy for me to say “no, thank you” because I’ve already made the decision to not eat sugar right now. There’s zero thought or decision making; I’m able to quickly say no and shut down any cravings or offers of treats and move on with my life because the decision has already been made.

I’m very much an all or nothing type of person and struggle with moderation, so this is the path of least resistance for me. I’m more successful when I say no to all treats/sugar then if I decide that I’ll allow some treats that are “worth it”. Moderation may get easier for me when I have more distance from sugar, but for now it’s easier to abide by the guidelines I created than it is to try and decide what to allow in my life.

As silly as it sounds, the hardest part has been remembering to read labels and remember to not add sweetener to my coffee. It’s easy to remember to read labels of new-to-me foods, but the brands and items that I’ve been eating for years have become a habit, and some of them have more sugar than I’m willing to allow right now (I’m talking to you, Perfect bars!). changing my coffee routine is a bit easier, but still something I need to consciously think about as I’m making it. Of course, these things will get easier over time, and frankly if this is the hardest part about my week, I had a pretty great week!